San Saba River San Saba River

The southern boundary of the ranch is a 1 1/3 mile stretch of the San Saba River.This stretch includes two large, deep holes, with the remainder being shallows and rapids. During winter, the shallows are home to a variety of ducks, with Mallard the predominant species. Frequently Ospreys, and occasionally Bald Eagles, cruise over the river. Much of the opposite shoreline is shear rock walls, some 50 feet or higher. The beautiful, cascading call of the Canyon Wren is sometimes heard there.

Riparian woodland Riparian woodland with flood debris

The riparian woodlands consist primarily of pecan, elm and live oak trees. There are dozens of flood debris piles which wintering Dark-eyed Juncos, various wren species, Spotted Towhees and many sparrow species use for cover. There are a good many dead trees in this area which are frequented by several woodpecker species.

Rangeland of native grasses and brush Rangeland of native grasses and brush

The open range areas consist of native grasses, various cacti, medium height brush and scattered live oaks. Most mesquite and ash juniper were removed by previous owners. In some areas the prickly pear is extremely abundant.

Pasture of Klein Grass Pasture of Klein Grass standing 3 feet tall

The 50 acres of Klein grass pasture provide cover and abundant seeds for wintering sparrows, Painted Buntings in spring and summer, and Northern Bobwhite year round. Along the fence lines, where there is a change in habitat, birding is especially productive.

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